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Curtains are obviously an essential part of any living space. However, they can be a pain to put up. Read more about this DIY beginner-friendly method to put up beautiful sheer track curtains - perfect for renters, awkward spaces or if you have annoying building construction restrictions. Plus, it's super affordable!

What You'll Need

Below you can find all the links for everything I used in this project. (Note: The links below are affiliated - which means I may make a small commission if you purchase the items)

The Method


Measure the width of the window you're planning to use the track for. Once you've worked out the measurement, connect the track together using the connectors provided in the kit until you've reached your desired length.

Image of person connecting curtain tracks together.


Add the track sliders on to the track and secure on the stoppers at either end - this stops the sliders falling off.

Image of person sliding track sliders onto the track.


Remove the stickers on the back of the track to reveal the adhesive strip. Install the track above the window and press firmly for approx. 30 seconds. The track is designed so it can be used on either the ceiling or a wall.

Image of person peeling off sticker to reveal adhesive strip on the back of the curtain track.


Slide the pleat hooks onto the tape heading of your curtains. These should be placed each at an equal distance apart.

Person sliding pleat hooks onto curtain header tape.


Hook each pleat hook onto the individual track sliders.

Image of person hanging up curtains.


Steam your curtains so they hang smoothly.

Image of person steaming curtains.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Due to the strong adhesive on the curtain track, it may remove some of the paint on your wall/ceiling when removed.
  • The curtain track I used recommends to only hang curtains with a max weight of 11 pounds.
  • The more curtain panels you use/the wider they are, the more fuller the gather will be.
  • The original curtain track kit didn't come with loads of sliders - so I had to purchase additional ones.
  • The adhesive track comes in sections which you connect together. This means the length is easily adjustable. The track can also be cut to size using a saw.
Image of sheer track curtains in a apartment living room.

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